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    You want an original and mistake-free piece, and we are sure you are capable of writing such paper yourself. You just don’t have the time. We have over 1,200 trained and certified writers to help you out!
    John Oakes, Head of Writer Department
  • Customer Experience Team
    Our Customer Experience Team is here to ensure your smooth user experience. Our job is to collect and analyze customers’ feedback, come up with new features, and work hard to improve the website.
    Adam Terry, Head of QA dept.
  • Editorial Team
    We keep the quality of writing high, so every paper is authorized by the our Team before it’s brought to you. We ensure the writer addresses all the points on your assignment brief, the paper is topic and level-relevant.
    Kelly Jones, senior editor
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    We know you might need fast help with your paper, so our friendly Customer Support Team is on call 24/7, providing you with guidance as to the ordering process. We are waiting to hear from you any time!
    Jenna W. Mitchell, Customer Support Team Leader
How we hire our writers
  • The candidate takes the specifically designed English grammar test. The passing score is 20/20.
  • We invite the candidate to take the writing skills test, which entails writing an academic paper on the topic related to their major.
  • Our Editorial Team evaluates the paper. If it boasts credible sources, the correct format, and addresses the topic the right way, the candidate will be offered to join the team.
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