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Planning to order a paper? See how much it costs and how much Bonus Money you will get for it. Just select the type of paper, pick the number of pages, and get an instant quote.

How Our Loyalty Program Works

  1. You get a bonus balance

    When you become a customer, we create a virtual money account - your personal Bonus Balance. You can check it in your password-protected Customer Area. It is private and you are the only person who can access it.
  2. You receive bonuses

    So, where does the money on your Balance come from? When you order your first paper, 10% of its cost goes to your Balance. Your second purchase and each subsequent one brings you 5% to the Bonus Balance.
  3. You pay for papers with bonuses!

    Right after your first purchase, you’ll have money on your Balance - let’s say, $5. To use the Bonus money, you just need to log in and fill out the field “Use $ from my Balance” with the amount you want to spend. It should not though exceed the amount available on the Balance.
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